Air Conditioner Cleaning In Red Deer



Having a home is a good thing, but businesses and homeowners alike often encounter problems with their home systems and often their air conditioners. A none working  dirty air conditioner system can be quite disappointing if it occurs when you least expect it during a very hot day or perhaps when you happen to have company and the situation only gets worse if you can not quickly locate a professional cleaning service such as Red Deer Furnace Dust Cleaning to trace and properly clean your air conditioning system quickly. When a problem such as this arises, it is very important to contact the professionals to provide you with the best air conditioner cleaning services


Your air conditioners are among one of the most expensive systems in your home or business. Protect this great investment with the best cleaning services from our cleaning professionals. Air conditioners you may not know it are not very easy to clean. The fins on the condenser fans aren’t too rigid and can bend easily or even get broken when the wrong type of tools are used on them. Also, coils are located behind sheet metal which should be removed, cleaned, and put back only by a well-trained technician. There are so many things involved when it comes to cleaning the air conditioner properly, you can entrust all your cleaning tasks to us as we have the right tools, experience and personnel to get the work done properly and efficiently.

Our professional HVAC cleaning technicians have just the right equipment, expertise and tools to properly clean all parts, including the primary drain pan, blower fan, plenums, and furnace cabinet. We make use of only the best equipment and specialized tools to handle your coil cleaning, and we use clean water to flush out scale deposits, debris, dust, and organic growth. Our tools are specially designed to thoroughly and quickly clean condenser fins.

One common cause of dryer fire is when your dryer vent gets clogged. This problem can be completely avoided with regular and proper cleaning. Entrust all your dryer’s vent cleaning task to Red Deer Furnace & Duct  Cleaning Crew. All homeowners should know the last time their dryer vent was properly cleaned out.

When you hire our experts to carry out all your dryer vent cleaning task, you can sit back and relax as we will remove all lint and other dirt which could cause jamming in the vent and cause a fire.

​Our Red Deer based team, we make use of only the best equipment and tools to get air into your dryer vents, gently cleaning out your dryer vents without leaving any ugly mess behind. When you call Red Deer furnace & duct cleaning services , a technician will quickly stop by to check out your dryer vent and provide you with the best dryer vent cleaning services.




​Cleaning the air conditioner’s main parts such as the fan and coils will involve working on both internal mechanical and electrical parts which require well-trained technicians and the right tools. We advise that homeowners should not leave their air conditioner cleaning “to chance” simply call the professional cleaners for we service all of Central Alberta for a thorough cleaning. Regular cleaning services from experienced technicians like Red Deer Furnace Dust Cleaning includes pressure-washing, thorough coil cleaning with detergents or chemical foam recommended by the manufacturers, and a vacuum tool which reaches tight corners.

Keeping air conditioner parts clean will always help the unit to last longer and work more effectively because it won’t have to work as hard or run as often. This can help to lower your electricity bills during summer. Fan and coils should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year. Both the fan and coil attract dust and dirt that slow them down and make the unit work harder. With time, dirt could corrode lubricants as well, causing a complete system failure. We use special solvents in cleaning your air conditioner parts making your system will be as close to as good as new. Call our furnace cleaning Red Deer today as our cleaning experts are always ready to attend to you and your family or business needs.