Coil Cleaning In Red Deer

Coil cleaning is a very important practice. Lack of proper maintenance can result in the low performance of coils due to reduced heat transfer capabilities and airflow restrictions. Dirty coils also lead to equipment breakdowns, a shortened lifespan, and increased energy consumption. When left dirty, dirt gets accumulated onto the coils. Gaps on the sides of the filters give room for polluted air to pass the filter, leaving dirt and stripes of dust (sometimes referred to as tiger striping) on the evaporator coil. At Red Deer Furnace Duct Cleaning, we will clean your coils the right way to prevent further damages.
Our Red Deer based office provides services to all towns and cities in Central Alberta and provides the best coil cleaning services for condensers, evaporators, refrigeration racks, self-contained units, and walk-in coolers. With the services we provide, you can easily reduce your electricity bill and increase the lifespan of your coils. Our coil cleaning service enables condenser and evaporator coils to function more effectively, improving unit performance and reducing energy costs. With our well trained and experienced personnel, our coil cleaning services will help to protect your coils, prolong the time between coil cleaning, and eliminates tiger striping. With this said, we work very hard to provide our clients with the very best services possible.


Red Deer Furnace Duct Cleaning is committed to making all of our clients happy by getting their coils thoroughly cleaned. One of the best cost-effective things to do for your home or office building is having the coils of your home systems and HVAC system condensers regularly inspected and cleaned to ensure top efficiency. A dirty coil could reduce the lifespan of your HVAC appliance by forcing your unit to work more than it should. When your HVAC units are left to work much harder than they should, it increases the cost of your power bills, it affects the air quality, and may disrupt the comfort of your home or business.



With the right tools and equipment our experienced team can clean all types of a coils both large and small, restoring the comfort you have always had. We are your right contractors when it comes to thorough coil cleaning. Whether you need your evaporator coils or condenser coils cleaned; we are the right ones for the job. Dirt on your coils decreases the cooling strength of your units. A clean coil will help to elongate the life of your various HVAC systems and improve their energy efficiency.

All of our furnace cleaning red deer staff are well trained to meet up with your various safety requirements. We are also fully insured. With this, we leave you home or business with both peace of mind and protection knowing that your coil cleaning task is being carried out in an efficient and timely manner with superior cleaning products. Call us today to take care of all you coil cleaning task and restore life to your HVAC systems. We are always prompt and we will arrive at your residential home or commercial building with a truck fully-stocked with all the tools needed for the job.