Red Deer Dryer Vent Cleaning




Are you aware that hundreds of structural fires happen every year because of clogged dryer vents? It has been estimated that these fire breakouts incur thousands of property losses every year in Canada alone, along with injuries and in worse cases, deaths.


One common cause of dryer fire is when your dryer vent gets clogged. This problem can be completely avoided with regular and proper cleaning. Entrust all your dryer’s vent cleaning task to Red Deer Furnace & Duct  Cleaning Crew. All homeowners should know the last time their dryer vent was properly cleaned out.


When you hire our experts to carry out all your dryer vent cleaning task, you can sit back and relax as we will remove all lint and other dirt which could cause jamming in the vent and cause a fire.

​Our Red Deer based team, we make use of only the best equipment and tools to get air into your dryer vents, gently cleaning out your dryer vents without leaving any ugly mess behind. When you call Red Deer furnace & duct cleaning services , a technician will quickly stop by to check out your dryer vent and provide you with the best dryer vent cleaning services.



We base it on how much you utilize your dryer. You will want to get your dryer vent  cleaned and carefully checked out once in every six months to 12 months. Larger families that use their dryers more often should get their venting system regularly inspected by a professional to know just how long they need to get their dryer vent cleaned. If you do not do laundry frequently, scheduling for your dryer vent to get cleaned once a year is sufficient. Leave all your dryer vent cleaning tasks to our licensed professionals who have years of experience and won’t leave until your venting system is properly taken care of.


With our dry vent cleaning services your dryer(s) will get well cleaned lowering the risk of a fire break out in your home. We have the best professionals you can get when it comes to cleaning your venting system the right way. Today, only a few people see the need of keeping their dryer vents clean when it comes to the general hygiene of their homes. However, there have been thousands of residential fires every year caused by clogged dryer vents which were not properly cleaned or maintained. Don’t risk your life by giving your cleaning jobs to any random cleaner, trust our licensed technicians to get the job done right the very first time.




Apart from the fire hazards that come with a dirty and blocked dryer vent, there are many other risks as well. For example, if you use a gas dryer you can get carbon monoxide trapped inside your home if the gas can not get out through the vent. A blocked dryer vent will also require your dryer(s) to run less efficiently, why not get your dryer vents properly cleaned today by our Furnace cleaning Red Deer experienced team today!