Doing Away With Asthma Bouts In The Home

Doing Away With Asthma Bouts In The Home

Asthma is an incurable disease, which is one of the common health issues today. It is when airways are narrowing and inflamed inside the lungs, which restricts the air supply. If you have asthma, this article is for you. The following tips will help you to stop asthma attacks in the home. 

Several factors can trigger asthma attacks, so you must do something to reduce the symptoms of the disease. 

Stop Airborne Triggers
Maintaining a clean air is crucial in preventing asthma attacks in the home. Airborne triggers come with irritants that can cause asthma. Therefore, you must protect yourself or your family member with asthma from these airborne triggers. These airborne triggers include perfumes, wood smoke or tobacco smoke, aerosol sprays, cleaners as well as the odor created by gases and paint.   
Make sure that the indoor air is clean. Don’t permit anyone to smoke while inside the house. Meanwhile, if you are smoking while having asthma, it is advisable for you to quit smoking. It is also better to run air conditioning to filter the air. If there is air pollution outside your house, close your windows. It is also advisable to prevent wood fires in your fireplace. 

Reduce Animal Allergens
Another factor that can trigger an asthma attack is animal allergens. Animal parts such as pet dander, feathers, saliva, and urine can cause asthma bouts in the home. To avoid asthma triggers, consider the following tips:

·        Keep them away from your bedroom. 
·        Don’t kiss or hug your pet when you are playing with them.
·        Have someone to brush and wash your pet on a regular basis. 
·        Ask your family members to wash their hands after touching pets.
·        Make cold-blooded pets like fish which are safe for kids with asthma. 

Keep Away From The Mold 
Molds grow in different parts of the home. It creates mold spores in the air, which can trigger asthma. Therefore, you must keep your things dry to avoid mold buildup. You can also use a dehumidifier to dry the damp areas. Running the air conditioner can also help to reduce the formation of mold. You can use a bleach solution in cleaning visible mildew or mold. You must also regularly wash or replace moldy shower curtains. 

Prevent Colds 
Another best way to avoid an asthma attack is to keep yourself away from colds. You must not have close contacts with people who have flu or cold. Thus, it can trigger the symptoms of asthma. If ever you have touched a person with a respiratory infection, wash your hands. 

By simply following the above tips, you can prevent the asthma bouts in the home. It can help you or your family member with asthma to feel better. However, aside from learning the tips to prevent asthma, you must also know its causes. Asthma can be caused by allergies, environmental factors, tobacco smoking, stress, pregnancy, obesity, atopy, genetics, as well as the menstrual cycle. With this, you must know how to prevent the triggers of asthma.  By calling our furnace cleaning Red Deer experts we can keep your ducts and furnace clean throughout the year to help avoid having a astma attack.

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