How to Tell If the Dryer Vent Is A Fire Risk

How to Tell If the Dryer Vent Is A Fire Risk

The safety of your family is crucial, so make sure that your dryer vent is on its top condition. If not, it can cause fire. It is a big problem since it can cause danger to your life as well as to your home. Therefore, you must know how to determine if your dryer vent is a fire risk. This blog will help you to find out. 

Signs That Your Dryer Vent Is Not Safe 
·        Dryer Is Not Functioning Well
If your dryer is not working correctly, then there is a possibility that your dryer vent is clogged. If you run over one cycle in drying your clothes, then there is a problem which avoids the moisture and heat in your dryer. With this, you must immediately seek a furnace cleaning Red Deer technician to clean your dryer vent. 
·        Debris On The Dryer Vent 
If you encounter some debris on the opening of your dryer vent, it suggests that there is a problem. If not given immediate action, it can be a threat to your family’s safety and health. 
·        Musty Smell 
Musty smell on your clothes after drying can be a sign that your dryer vent can be a fire risk. If you observe that the clothes are hot to touch, your dryer could have a problem. 
·        Accordion-Style Of The Vent Hose
If you see an accordion-style vent hose in your dryer, it can be a high fire risk. You can get a duct pipe to improve your safety. 
·        Excess Heat In The Room Where Your Dryer Is Operated
If you feel that there is excessive heat in your room while using the dryer, then it can be a sign of fire hazard. With this, you must act immediately and inspect it with the help of a furnace repair Red Deer professional. 

Now that you have learned the signs when your dryer vent is a fire risk, you must also know how to prevent it. 

Prevention Tips for A Dryer Fire
If you want to keep your family safe and health, make sure that your dryer has proper installation. You must also consider its regular maintenance to improve its efficiency. The best way to ensure safety is to get the help of a professional Red Deer furance cleaning company. With this, you have peace of mind upon using your dryer. 

You must always clean the filter using a nylon brush if it was clogged. The dryer lint filter must be cleaned before and after loading it with your laundry. You must check if the venting system is damaged. Opting for a professional cleaning service for your dryer vent is essential to ensure your safety from fire and other risks caused by a clogged dryer vent. 

If your dryer vent is cleaned, your dryer can perform properly, making your clothes dry professionally cleaned. It can also help you to save energy since it can perform quickly and easily without repeating more than one cycle to dry your clothes.  

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