Dryer Vents & Their Risks

Dryer Vents & Their Risks

Clothes dryer seems harmless but, these can burn your house into the ground. This is not to scare you, but the reality is, dryer vents pose risks if not maintained and taken care of properly. Therefore, regularly cleaning your dryer vents is a task that should not be taken lightly.

Some signs will also prompt you to have your dryer vents cleaned and maintained by the furnace cleaning Red Deer contractors. These signs or situations are hints that you need experts to inspect and work on your dryer vents.

·        Musty odor
·        Clothes hot to touch
·        Excessive heat in the room where dryer and washer are operated
·        Debris is noticed outside dryer vent opening
·        Odors are noticed from dryer sheets
·        There is a high amount of lint build-up

Failure to have your dryer vents inspected and treated might give way for the following risks to occur:

The Risks Of Your House Fire 
The most typical yet the most frightening dangers of not cleaning your dryer vents are the risks of a house fire. When the lint starts to collect into your dryer vents, this restricts airflow triggering the exhaust gases to become backed up and create that perfect environment for fire to develop. Fires can then cause other serious damages such as injuries, property loss, and death. It has been found out that the leading cause of dryer fires is the neglect or failure to clean the dryer.
Pest Invasion   
Pest invasion in your Red Deer home is another risk associated with dirty dryer vents. If there’s a lint build up in your dryer vent, the duct hood flap might not close properly, therefore, giving a small entry point for pests that are seeking for warmth and shelter, especially during winter. The most common pests in the dryer vents are rats, mice, and birds. To prevent these pests from using your space, make sure to clean your vents so that the hood flap will be able to close. Next, have your duct cleaner install pest guard. This is not a replacement for dryer vent cleaning, but this can make you feel at ease.
Losing Money
Dryers with excessive lint utilize more energy. This means that you must pay more every month on your energy bill. As soon as the dryer vents are cleaned, you will be able to enjoy more efficient and quicker drying cycles. Also, if you have clogged vent, you will need to run this more frequently to dry your clothes thoroughly. The harder the dryer works, the quicker it might break down.  

These are just a few of the many dangers that may be linked with your dryer vents. To save yourself from these risks and dangers, consider seeking help from the Red Deer furnace cleaning experts. Hire a trusted company for professional dryer vent cleaning services. These services can ensure that your dryer vents are clean and in top working condition. You do not have to worry about anything that can go wrong while drying your clothes, knowing that your dryer vents are thoroughly cleaned and properly maintained.

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